Ram Prasad Bismil | An Extremist Revolutionary

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His Life: A Warrior Poet

  • Year 1897 – Born in Shahjahanpur, Uttar Pradesh.
  • Year 1915 – Read about the death sentence of Bhai Parmanand.
  • Year 1918 – Published Mainpuri Ki Pratigya.
  • Year 1918 – Executed Manipuri Conspiracy.
  • Year 1924 – Hindustan Republican Association was formed.
  • Year 1925 – Executed Kakori Kand.
  • Year 1927 – Was hanged at the Gorakhpur Jail.

Oh, Lord! Grant me a hundred births in India. But grant me this, too, that each time I may give up my life in the service of the Motherland. 

Ram Prasad Bismil was a legendary freedom fighter who is remembered for his contribution to the struggle of Independence. He is widely celebrated for his valorous participation in the Mainpuri conspiracy of 1918 and the Kakori conspiracy of 1925 against Britishers. He also contributed to the freedom with his pen as he was a prolific patriotic poet.


Ram Prasad Bismil was born to Muralidhar, an employee of the Shahjahanpur Municipality board and Moolmati. He was born on June 11, 1897 at Shahjahanpur, Uttar Pradesh. He had an elder brother who died very early.

Personal Life

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He learnt Hindi from his father and joined Islamia School of Shahjahanpur to learn Urdu. Later, he was admitted to an English medium school, the Mission School of the city and then to the Government School in Shahjahanpur.

Political Journey

Bismil use to write poetry in his school and was famous among the fellow students with his pen name ‘Bismil’. He also joined Arya Samaj in Shahjahanpur. When he was 18 years old, he read about the death sentence of Bhai Parmanand, a prominent freedom fighter. The news infuriated him and he wrote a poem Mera Janm demonstrating his resolve to end the British Imperalism in response of the news. He showed the poem to Somdev, a friend of Parmanand who read it and advised Bismil to participate in the session Indian National Congress (INC).

Bismil left school and went to Lucknow. There he and his friends led the procession of Bal Gangadhar Tilak in the city. They also published a book called America Ki Swatantrata Ka Itihas (History of American Independence) with the help of Somdev.

Bismil founded Matrivedi, a Nationalist Organization and contacted Genda Lal Dixit, a revolutionary on the reference of Somdev. They gathered youths from different part of the country to fight against British Raj. On January 28, 1918 he published a poem titled Mainpuri Ki Pratigya along with a pamphlet Deshvasiyon Ke Nam Sandesh. They looted several places in 1918 to gather the funds for their party. The police arrested Dixit after these incidents, but Bismil managed to escape and the incident came to be known as the Mainpuri Conspiracy.

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In 1924, prominent nationalists like Chandrasekhar Azad, Bhagat Singh, Sukhdev Thapar and others formed the Hindustan Republican Association (HRA). They elected Bismil to be the District Organiser of Shahjahanpur and Chief of Arms Division along with Provincial Organiser of United Province (Agra and Oudh). On August 9, 1925 Bismil and 9 other revolutionaries looted the government treasury in a train at Kakori. This incident known as Kakori Kand shook the roots of British imperialism.

Later Life

In the wake of the Kakori Kand, Britishers arrested more than 40 people. After 18 months Bismil, Ashfaqulla Khan, Roshan Singh and Rajendra Nath Lahiri were sentenced to death. On the morning of December 19, 1927 Bismil was hanged by the government at Gorakhpur Jail. The body of Bismil was handed over to the parents for the funeral. Bismil was accompanied by a grand procession of thousands of people to the banks of Rapti where his last rites were performed.

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